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Space 18 was initially formed to help landlords get to grips with all the changes in buy to let property ownership and decide if you want to keep your property or cash out and use your money differently in as tax efficient a way as possible.  Now we are aware that there are also home owners looking for ways to sell their property quickly and for good money that we can help too.

For landlords the changes to mortgage tax relief and the way that rental properties owned in personal names are taxed is having a big impact on a lot of people just like you.  For many people it will mean you make a loss.  Changing how you rent your property and looking at holiday accommodation or shared houses can push the income and profits back up but you may have more costs and need more time to manage them, do you want to do that?   We can run you through some options to show you the pros and cons so you can make the right decision for you.

Home owners, if you’d like to sell your property for as much money as possible and as fast as possible you’re our ideal client.   If you happen to owe as much as the property is worth (or more) we’d especially like to speak to you as we can take care of all that debt and allow you to move on to a new chapter in your life.  Got a property that needs some work?   We’re interested in buying it and may be able to share our profit with you too.

Whatever your property problem please do get in touch and we’ll do our best to find a solution for you that works for all of us.

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  • Independent reviews of why your property isn’t selling
  • Guidance on how to make more profits from a rental property along with the potential downsides
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I was thinking of buying a rental property and found Helen who gave me straightforward practical advice on how the changes to the mortgage tax relief will affect me and whether to buy in company names or private.  I’m now much better equipped to buy the right property for myself and my family

Mrs R Kerslake

With 5 rental properties, all on mortgages I was concerned with how the mortgage tax relief changes might affect me. Helen from Space 18 offered to provide a report on how the implication of tax changes for me along with some ideas on how to reduce any impact.   Having read the report I’m really pleased with how easy to read it is.  Straightforward numbers and explanations with practical tips on how to minimise tax legally. Thanks Helen.

Mr C Miller


How did you end up as a landlord – did you plan it to top up your pension or perhaps to provide an additional income with minimal outlay?   Some of you will be accidental landlords having inherited a property or relocated through work.   Over 70% of landlords in the UK have just 1 or 2 properties and also have a job or run a business alongside.

With the recent law and tax changes its getting rather challenging to make Buy to Let’s pay, especially if you’re one of the people who will be hit by the tax changes….

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Home Owners

  • Looking for a fast way to sell your property?
  • Want to achieve a good sales price?
  • Wondering why your property hasn’t sold when others have in your area?

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